Online Exhibits

Summer 2020
In The Shadow of Corona
Online Exhibit

Fall 2020
The Breakfast Group:
A Second Cup of Coffee in Carmel

Winter 2021
Thinking Out Loud
High School Student Art Exhibit

Spring 2021
Lin Fischer:
New Perspectives on the Figure

Summer 2021
Becoming (in)Visible
Countering Asian Hate

Summer 2021
A Timeless Spring
Art of Jeanne D’Orge & Reuben Kadish

Fall 2021
Both Ways Will Take You There
Sarah Klein and David Kwan

Winter 2022
Face It
Artists Portraits at The Cherry

Spring 2022
Mountains and Waters Without End
Art of Jan Wagstaff and Margaret Rinkovsky

Summer 2022
Imagining Carmel
Jeanne D’Orge and Dora Hagemeyer

Fall 2022
In Their Own Likeness
Carmel Bohemian Painters

Fall 2022
Holi Moli
Beginner’s Mind

Winter 2023
Square the Circle
Geometry in Art

Spring 2023
Lost and Found
Assemblage Artists

Summer 2023
Putin’s War
Waldek Dynerman

Fall 2023
Toward Abstraction
Anne Marchand & Lesley Anne Spowart

Winter 2024
Frame of Mind
The ImageMakers

Spring 2024
A Journey in Collage

Spring 2024
Reimaged Realism