Reimagined Realism

An exhibition of work by Monterey Peninsula artists Kirstine Reiner Hansen, Don Hughes, and Chris Leib, organized by Darcie Fohrman

May 24 – June 22, 2024

“Fin de la Era Dorada ” (End of the Golden Era) – Don Hughes


Realism – Neorealism, Hyperrealism, Magic Realism, Disrupted Realism, Surrealism – the unique perspectives of these three Monterey Peninsula artists clearly demonstrate that the definition of contemporary realism has relaxed and broadened beyond true-to-life representations of people, objects or situations.

Each of these realists use familiar forms to render new ideas. They adapt and layer popular subject matter into contemporary social narratives that both celebrate and critique our assumptions about natural forces and cultural conditions. Today, when machine algorithms bend the rules of the visual systems we rely on, the realism in this gallery is refreshingly human.

Exhibition Sponsored by Chris and Robin Sawyer

The Artists and Their Art

Kirstine Reiner Hansen

Don Hughes

Chris Leib

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