Frame of Mind

January 12 – February 17, 2024

“Cruising” – Bob Sadler

Debra Achen , Mary Aiu, James Atherton, Richard Cannon, Ginger Chih,
David Clarkson, 
Matt Connors, Rita Costa-Hollmann, Annelies de Kater,
Dixie M. Dixon, Eduardo Fujii, David J. Gubernick, Tom Hierl, Oliver Klink,
Gary Lopez, Craig Lovell, 
Jeanne Marino, James Mickelson, Carolyn Moore,
Rick Murai, Robert Nielsen, Kevin Osborn, Mark Overgaard, Peter Paluzzi,
Kenneth Parker,
Maria Prince, Robin Robinson, Bob Sadler, Dennis Segers,
Jacqui Turner, Greg Weeks,
Gary Wilson, Steve Zmak

In its simplest form, frame of mind refers to what the photographer was thinking and experiencing when initially creating the image and during development or post-processing that resulted in the final work of art. Each ImageMaker in this exhibition was asked to provide a “frame of mind” statement to accompany their selected image and which gives some insight into their creative process.

Is the photographer trying to tell a story, convey a message, express a feeling, mood or emotion, communicate an idea, or something else? How do they accomplish their objective – use of light, color, black-and-white, line, shapes or forms, techniques?

As viewers, our own frame of mind affects how we perceive and interpret these photographs. As such, we are drawing on our own experiences, thoughts, and emotions to form our response and attitude towards these images.

When you view one of these images, what do you experience or get from that image and does it correspond or differ from that photographer’s frame of mind? In what ways? Why? We invite you to explore and enjoy the diversity of imagery and frames of mind displayed here.

-The ImageMakers