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The Carl Cherry Center for the Arts (CCCFA) presents After Robinson Jeffers: Photography from Poetry. For this exhibition, the Carl Cherry Center curates original photographs from the Monterey Peninsula in collaboration with the poetry of Robinson Jeffers’ verse, creating lyrical arrangements that explore how image and text resonate.

A reception for the exhibit will be held Friday, November 18th from 5 to 7 p.m. The reception is free and open to the public.

A poetry reading on Saturday, November 19th at 3 p.m. will include Jeffers’ verse as well as original writing by local poets George Lober, Patrice Vecchione and Elliot Ruchowitz Roberts. The interpretative component will extend Robinson Jeffers’ reach into the community, drawing on poetry to explore the connections between Jeffers, photography and the verse of contemporary writers. Tickets: $15 and are available online at www.Brownpapertickets.com

Sponsored, in part, through individual donations and Monterey Gives, the exhibition, and its interpretative programming, is an invitation to reconsider and respond to photography and the poetry of Robinson Jeffers. The exhibit seeks to explore the aesthetic and philosophical themes associated with the poems of Jeffers. Focusing on the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur, the exhibit intends to reveal Jeffers’ significance and impact through photography and provide a visual legacy to someone who has been important to the artistic culture of Monterey County since the 1930s.

At turns abstract and ambiguous or descriptive and precise, these images endeavor to describe the essence of the Monterey Peninsula in subtle and unexpected ways. Photographers featured in the exhibition range in style, intention, and time period, but all of their works share an evocation of the poetic. Photographers for the exhibit include Edna Bullock, Wynn Bullock, Brad Cole, Matt Connors, Steve Crouch, Eduardo Fujii, William Giles, David Gubernick, Claire Lerner, Roman Loranc, Rosario Mazzeo Tom Millea, Jeff Nixon, Robert B. Taylor, Roger Vail, Brett Weston Don Worth and Steve Zmak, among others.

The exhibit can be seen Monday through Friday from 11 to 4 p.m. or by appointment through December 11th. The Carl Cherry Center is located at the corners of Fourth and Guadalupe, Carmel. Information: (831) 624-7491.

Poets Bios:

George Lober
teaches English at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in English from San Jose State and his master of Arts in English from Fresno State. The author of “The Bridge to There,”  Lober is a recipient of the nationally awarded Ruth Cable Memorial Prize for Poetry.  His poetry has appeared in numerous magazines and journals.  He lives in Carmel, California.

Patrice’s Vecchione’s
 Step into Nature: Nurturing Imagination and Spirit in Everyday Life, andThe Knot Untied, released in 2013. Before that: Writing & the Spiritual Life: Finding Your Voice by Looking Within, an earlier collection of poetry: Territory of Wind, and several anthologies—for adults and young people.


A Professor Emeritus at Monterey Peninsula College where he taught introduction to poetry and creative writing, Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts is co-editor of the college text Bridges; co-editor/co-translator of two works from the Telugu, Sudha (Nectar) by Chalam and The Selected Verses of Vemana, both of which have been accepted into UNESCO’s Collection of Representative works:  Indian Series; and co-author of Bowing to Receive the Mountain:  Essays by Lin Jensen and Poetry by Elliot Roberts.





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