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The Cherry Trio, Elizabeth Gaver (baroque violin), Penny Hanna (viola da gamba), and Michael Peterson (harpsichord) will be joined by guest artist Francis Toldi (dulcian) to perform Italian and Spanish music from the seventeenth century – trio sonatas by Dario Castello, Giovani Batista Fontana and Bartolomeo de Selma, arrangements of the French song Doulce Memoire, and a harpsichord solo of Frescobaldi.

Francis Toldi

The dulcian is a double reed woodwind instrument from the Renaissance and predecessor of the modern bassoon. It is a versatile instrument – played quietly, it has a sweet, vocal sound suitable for chamber music, but it can play loudly and join the consort of outside instruments. The concert program includes three trio sonatas with melodic parts for both violin and dulcian. Bartolomeo de Selma was himself a virtuoso performer on the early bassoon.

The Cherry Trio has performed at the Cherry Center annually for over ten years to welcome the New Year. We are happy to be performing our first spring concert at the Cherry Center!

Sunday, April 30th at 3:00PM. Tickets are $25, available on eventbrite.com or by calling (831) 624-7491.

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