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THE COLLECTION, a theatrical collage of fictionalized vignettes celebrating the life and legacy of Peggy Guggenheim, will be presented July 30th and 31st in Cherry Hall. Shows are at 7:30pm

Written and directed by Al Schnupp, THE COLLECTION presents thirty-four brief, significant incidents in the life of Peggy Guggenheim, the renowned collector of modern art.  Ms. Guggenheim was married several times, became friends with a vast assortment of American and European writers and painters, bankrolled Emma Goldman so the activist could write her memoirs, had an affair with Samuel Beckett, trafficked her art to America in the midst of World War II, introduced Jackson Pollock to the American art scene, established galleries in London and New York City and had a tumultuous relationship with her children.  Each episode is paired with a work of art from her collection.  The artworks are transformational, interactive, and complement the story.

While the scenes are sequential, the images are part of a dreamscape, where time and memory are free-flowing, without direction.  Generally, the pairing of images with dialogue is symbolic, metaphorical.  Included with the images are design and directorial solutions that enable the artwork to be transformed within each scene. THE COLLECTION is performed by four actors. (831) 624-7491.

 Tickets are $20 can be purchased through Brownpapertickets.com.

Jaide Whitman as Peggy Guggenheim 2 by Alvin Schnupp

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