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Leverage your year-end donation through Monterey County Gives with the renovation of the Cherry Center Sculpture Garden!

The Geraldine M. and Tom R. Houston Memorial Sculpture Garden at the Carl Cherry Center is one of the last open spaces in Carmel. This elegant, yet informal, garden includes a canopy of Monterey Pines and live oak and artwork by a hand-full of significant local sculptors. Carmel Native includes a substantial renovation of the garden, re-planting of native plants, sculpture competition, installation of new sculpture acquisitions, poetry reading and other on-site events celebrating the benefits of open space, native plants and contemporary sculpture. Funding is matched by approximately 30 percent through funds from MC Weekly and Community Foundation. So, this holiday season, have a big idea—give to Carmel Native.

Please donate through December 31 to www.montereycountygives.com

Donations are matched.


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