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As an institution, the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts is an enormous idea. For seventy years we’ve presented art exhibitions, plays, workshops and readings that support creative expression on the Central Coast. Even if you only walk in once a year, just the knowledge and reassurance the Cherry Center is still here raises one’s spirits. Next year is no different. We are brimming over with “big ideas.” Our first is The Cherry in Motion — the Cherry Center’s smart phone film festival. Created to encourage residents to share their lives through short films created on smart phones and tablets, the festival will include workshops with film industry professionals, a competition open to all residents of Monterey County, and an awards presentation where winning shorts will be shared with the community.

Together with 100% Board of Directors participation, MCGives! will match your contribution at montereycountygives.com. We can make 2019 a year filled with Big Ideas! Thank you for your continued support of the Cherry Center, and we’ll see you at the movies—your movies!

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