Monica Tie – Artist Statement

“Yellow Is A Color”

“Yellow is a Color” comments about the absurdity that a large and diverse group of people could be reduced to a color whenever convenient and at the same, people will deny that the group is subject to discrimination.

Yellow is a color.

It is also about how this particular color seems to only matter…sometimes. It is at once obvious and innocuous but there are times when it becomes a reason for discrimination.

This society has taught me Yellow is a color and I’m apparently that color.

This society has taught me, when I’m called Yellow, it means I’m Other…not from here.

Yellow is a lower case ‘c’ color, when we’re described as a model minority.

Yellow is also a capital ‘C’ color, that describes a multitude of experiences and cultures.
This second edition uses crayon on paper to allude to children first exploring color. They don’t yet see the complexity of colored skin, and this piece aims to capture that innocence in the context of the ongoing hate crimes against the AAPI community.
      -Monica Tie