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Encounter Intuitive is a multimedia production built around the art and philosophies of neurodivergent and outsider artists. Through an absurdist narrative of space traveling missionaries exploring “The Fringe” of their solar system, Janice Rocke, Rocket Garcia and award winning poet, Aideed Medina have woven together a series of scenes that parallel the colonization of art with the historical colonization of Indigenous lands.

Each planet the missionaries visit is represented by one of eight profiled artists. Using video projections, the landscapes of the planets resemble the artists’ work. The culture is reminiscent of the artists’ creative philosophies and social concerns. The deities of the planets are the artists themselves.

The absurdists narrative of the colonizers is contrasted by scenes written from the POV of the “indigenous” communities of the planets. These scenes are tonally more serious and focus on issues of institutionalization, homelessness, othering of LBGTQIA+ and BIPOC people, and obstacles particular to neurodivergent artists. The storylines reflect how art provided these artists with succor and even processes of recovery.

A third aspect of the show is visually dynamic dance performances choreographed by Deanna Ross and performed by Carri Rochelle, Jennah Montemayor, Cody Moore and Fred Bologna (who will all also be acting). Other local talents include Sean Aten, Joe Nance, Eboni Harris and Mya Shiloh.

Friday, March 17th and Saturday, March 18th performances at 7:30 pm, Sunday, March 19th at 3pm.
New dates added: Friday, March 24th at 7:30pm, Saturday, March 25th at 8:00pm.

$22 at the door or through Eventbrite.com.

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