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Isolation is rapidly re-configuring how we understand shelter, and sense of place. For better and worse, shelter-in-place is defining who we are. Home can be a sanctuary—representing protection from a vague, lethal menace, but can also be something akin to a jail cell.  All of us are meeting new uncertainties—social, emotional, spiritual and economic.  In this anxious moment, photography can help draw meaning from our experience.

In the Shadow of Covid,” a group exhibit exploring the social, psychological and imaginative responses to the COVID-19 and shelter-in-place, is scheduled to open at the Cherry Center Friday, September 4, 2020.  The exhibition explores issues related to isolation, creative adaptation, novel ways to connect and vision for the future.  Simultaneously, an online version of the photography will be available on our website.

Artists include Mary Aiu, Janet Beaty, Richard Cannon, Ginger Chi, Matt Connors, Rita Costa-Hollman, Dixie Dixon, Eduardo Fujii, Will Furman, Viktor Klinger, Oliver Klink, Gary Lopez, Roger Lundblad, Carrie Moore, Rick Murai, Robert Nielsen, Mark Overgaard, Peter Paluzzi, Brett Thomas, Jacqui Turner, Jack Wasserbach, among others.

The exhibit can be seen through September 19th.

Pictured: “Four Granite Boulders, Bald Rock, Berry Creek, California” – Kenneth Parker

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